Protective Gear

Protective Gear

Specially designed Boxing Protective Gear

During a Boxing Match or while training, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a combination of punches. To shield yourself from damage and injury, we recommend you utilize specially designed Boxing Protective Gear. Protect and shield yourself with our Training Vests, Boxing Headgear and a Mouth guard. Depending on your type of training, shield your shins with shin guards from the impact of powerful kicks. Groin protection might be important too. Our range of protective gear will give you superior protection and more confidence when you spar. Protective gear includes layers of trademarked materials that ensure blows are absorbed and the impact minimized.

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  1. Lonsdale Cruiser No Hip Protector - Synthetic Leather
    As low as €54.95
  2. Lonsdale Female Padded Chest Guard Black
    As low as €55.95
  3. Lonsdale Jab Cup Protector
    As low as €22.95
  4. Lonsdale Jab Open Face Headguard - Synthetic Leather
    As low as €42.96
  5. Lonsdale Jab Open Face Headguard - Synthetic Leather
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9 Items

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Set Descending Direction

What protective gear is used in boxing?

Before you get in the ring you will need protective head gear, a mouth guard, hand wraps, a supporter and cup, and boxing shoes. The head gear is used by all fighters during training and amateur fighters during bouts. There's more to safety equipment in baseball and softball these days than just batting helmets and catcher's gear. Here's a rundown of some of the other equipment that can - or, in some cases, should - be worn to reduce the injury risk: Polycarbonate plastic face guard, metal cage or polycarbonate full-face shields.  Your opponent can be skilled to throw hard punches on the head, and you should always stay alert. So, it is necessary to buy a good headgear if you are into boxing. Most importantly, this headgear is ideal for training and sparring. It keeps your face exposure and free.  It makes this headgear a perfect choice for real fighting


We carry the Best Boxing Protective Gear in the market

Our Protective Gear are available in different colours and sizes ranging from S, M, L to XL or any type of OZ. Our Protective Gear are the bestselling gear and preferred choice among all type of Boxers, it does not matter if you are a amateur or professional Boxer. All our Protective Gear from the best quality materials, comfortable and stylish in design. Suitable for every athlete, our Protective Gear assure you quality and protection and keep you Injury free so you can focus on your training and continue to grow as a Boxer. In boxing, you need to protect your head to prevent any serious injury. So, a padded helmet is worn to prevent any swelling, cuts, etc.

When fighting, it's important to make sure you wear the best headguard

Boxing Headgear is an unquestionable requirement for your training. When fighting, it's important to make sure you wear the best headguard, so you don't get any head injuries. Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear Boxing headgear is frequently used during training and in amateur bouts in which new boxers are given adequate protection from direct traumatic blows to the head. It is already apparent that most boxers who suffered from traumatic head blows, suffer the lifetime effects of head injuries through direct blows to the cranial cavity, or even much worse, die because of it. A most well-trained professional boxer can easily take direct blows to the head without flinching since they have undergone years of experience of handling the pain of being hit on the head.

Protect your face from harm and damage

The Mouth Guard is another significant piece of boxing training gear that will protect you from any sort of damage to your face, jaws and teeth. It forestalls wounds by keeping jaws secured in a legitimate position. Shock Doctor Adult Pro Strapless Mouthguard Very often can we see in some rare occasions when a boxer’s mouth guard is thrown out from their mouths that the referee would pause the fight and lead the fighter that has lost his or her mouthpiece to a corner to put it back in their mouth. This is very important since boxing without the use of an adequate boxing mouthguard could remove the teeth from your mouth, if you can only consider the amount of force that a boxer can exert, through a punch directly in the face.