Lonsdale's technologies, for maximum performance

Lonsdale technology “L-Core” ensures an optimal fit and maximal damping of the impact. By using several layers of foam, the L-Core technology makes the boxing glove shape itself around the hands, causing it to feel like an extension of the hands, resulting in optimal grip and the ideal fit.

Lonsdale G-Core technology is a unique layer of gel that does not only absorb shocks, but more importantly distributes them, maximally reducing the impact of a punch or kick and absorbing it evenly. 

Lonsdale M-Core technology is specially designed to generate extra ventilation while exercising. It does not only cause body temperature to stay low, but also ensures products to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Lonsdale ’s I-Core technology is developed by an injected foam layer in the padding, which causes the padding to rebound more while giving or absorbing shocks and ensures the padding to shape itself according to the movements. 

Lonsdale W-Core technology is ideal, seeing as it ensures a pre-bent design. The boxing products have been pre-shaped slightly by W-Core, which makes them feel comfortable from the first training. 

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