Lonsdale G-CORE Hand Wrap black

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A 2.5 meters long hand wrap and knuckle foam padding in one, that’s the G-CORE Hand Wrap black. Ideal for athletes that need that little extra protection for their knuckles. 

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G-CORE Hand Wrap black is a hand wrap that measures 2.5 meters and has a G-Core knuckle padding. This padding ensures extra absorbance while punching. The hand wrap is meant to be worn inside the boxing gloves. We strongly advise you not to simply use the G-CORE Hand Wrap black alone to throw punches at punch bags. This may cause the padding to soften, which might negatively influence its protection. 

Even though hand wraps might seem like a small accessory when it comes to boxing, the opposite is true. Wearing hand wraps (in the right manner) ensures the hands to be more compact, offers an extra protective layer to the knuckles and causes the impact of punches not to be absorbed by the joints in the hands, but by the underarm instead. Hand wraps ensure optimal knuckle protection and provide extra support to the wrists. 

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